Danny O’Callaghan is a worship leader, singer and songwriter living with his wife, Beth, in London, UK. He has been involved in leading worship in local church for over 17 years.

Danny has recently joined the staff team as the Worship Pastor at St Peter’s Brockley, a diverse Anglican family church in the heart of South-East London, SE4.

Previously he called Kings Cross Church (KXC) home and he continues to be involved in KXC Worship. On 1st March 2018, KXC recorded their first live album at a Worship Night at Scala on 1st March 2018. The album was released on 13th July 2018. Danny's song ' You Hold Me' features on the album.

Danny has previously been featured in worship compilations and participated in multiple events around the UK and Europe, including David's Tent, Big Church Day Out, Creation Fest and New Wine.

In September 2016 he released his first solo EP project 'Son of My Father' which is an honest account of man's journey into becoming a son. Expect 80's sonic sounds and soaring vocals! 

Danny carries a heart to see people sing their own song to God. For people to see the true full potential of worship not as a ritual but rather a rich discovery of the Father's intention for humanity. An intimate connection with him that inspires us to live a full life. 

A word from Danny... 

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. Chuffed that you would take the time to check out what I’m about and what makes me tick! 

I’ve been worship leading for as long as I can remember and it’s truly where I come alive.  

In a nutshell, I reckon if you were to meet me, you would meet a real broken bloke who’s navigating life like the rest of us, but a man obsessed with a future that looks brighter than the past. A man who is driven by the heart of God for humanity and although (often having no idea of how to get there) someone who’s passionate about joining with the Father to see people awakened to love.

I’m driven to see people come alive with the love of their Heavenly Father.

Every time I find myself on a stage with a guitar in hand and a mic in front of my face, I long for people to see Christ. I believe a people who’ve tasted and seen Christ often sing a bit louder, shine a bit brighter and love a whole lot more radically. I truly believe if we keep beholding Christ we come alive! And I want to be around a people who have come fully alive.

I’m excited about what the future holds for the people of God, to see what the church of the future will look like and playing my part in that. I’m excited at the potential that’s held within the family of God as they discover just how good the love of God is. And in response to such an unrelenting and steadfast love, I’m expectant to hear the sound, see the art and marvel at powerful expressions that truly will be a by-product of it.

I’m endeavoring to own my piece in introducing the presence of God wherever I play, to whomever I’m in a room with and join with others who are doing the same. I believe together as we continue to behold Christ we’ll see our world look a lot more like heaven.

My belief is that despite the sin and our consequences that we deserve, Christ came to bring life and full and this is His intention for all of us.

My prayer is that every ounce of art that I create will carry the love of God and the beauty of the Holy Spirit. And I pray that whilst I navigate my personal journey with God that every person I run into would be inspired into deeper intimacy with their Father God and to live their life from that place, fully alive and fully free.

Much love and thanks for visiting!