Age is just a number.

15 years ago I desired the success of many things. A young man forming his view of success can be a debilitating thing. I received countless prophecies that to this day are still unfulfilled. Many of those I believed I would be walking in at the landmark age of 30. 15 years later I’m still wrestling with the daily reality of those words that have continued to echo within me, informed my belief and my choices but not informed my present. Promises of God that resonate with all of us and live with us daily. The dream as they say... But 15 years on I’m making peace with the kingdom of god through one value: our capacity to love. 

The last 10 years were about a stage, a mic and a song to sing. The next 10 years I desire to love God more than I have ever before, to be an attentive loving husband, father and friend. 

They say it’s a dangerous thing to meet your idols. Outside of Christ, I believe every idol will break the heart of its worshipper. But recently I’ve had the honour of serving leaders that many would regard as a close second to any modern day Christian “idol” going. The overwhelming chorus of praise from those who closely served them wasn’t given to their “gifting” on a stage but was attributed to their “character” behind it.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe” - Abraham Lincoln. 

Age is just a marker. Age cannot contain Christ’s divine process. Preparation and process is a precious gift.

Bethany HillComment